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Sarasota Golf Lessons SarasotaOur focus in these programs is to convey learning and practice through fun games and challenge.  

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Sarasota Golf Lessons Sarasota

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Gulf Coast Golf Academy offers a full range of instructional programs designed to help you to identify your problems, prescribe your needs, coach you on the application of those needs, and ultimately, lower your scores. All of our instruction and coaching is designed to be applied to the current ability you presently have. We usually customize a series of lessons to fit your needs.

Foundational Lesson Series

The purpose - General understanding, review, and application of a personal foundation for playing golf.  Although it appears to be a series designed for beginners, in actuality, the pros like this series as much as any and use it as a check up on their fundamental positions.

Intended Result s- In this lesson, you will learn:

  • The best set up for your physical ability.
  • Fundamental  laws for precise short game results
  • What, When, Where & Why- various clubs for various shots
  • Knowledge → Understanding→ Confidence→ New Habit

Structure - during this lesson, you will receive five lessons (45 min.).  Each lesson covers a different focal point of your game to include putting, chipping, pitching, sand, and full swing.

Direct Focus Lesson Series

Purpose - Tackle the main reason your scores are not where you want them to be. Focus in on the key problem that is identified through video analysis and on-course assessments.

Intended Results - In this lesson series, you will:

  • Label the key cause for those undesirable effects.
  • Understand and experience the necessary changes.
  • Take home practice assignments.
  • Witness and record black and white results
  • See the before and after changes on video

Structure - For this series, an equivalent of ten lessons is given within seven to nine sessions because double lessons are used on course and during video analysis lessons. Depending on the primary fault that is faced will determine where the majority of the lessons take place and what practice regiments are administered.

VIP Program

Purpose - semi-private instruction focused on skill improvement, course management, and lowering scores. You and two friends together make the full blown program extremely affordable and fun.

Intended Results - In this program, you will:

  • Use five key strategies to get to the Next Level
  • Label the biggest problem
  • Embrace the corrections
  • Verify understanding of the plan for improvement
  • Evaluate results with various methods
  • Learn new habits that lower your scores

Structure - You and two friends will receive two quality hours, twice per month with a PGA Master Professional. A three month commitment is required which guarantees coverage of all topics necessary to lower your scores. Included is computerized video analysis, on course instruction, range balls, and a personalized work book.


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