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This degree of instruction/coaching is for the elite golfer that wants to win at the highest level of competition and sustain a balance in life.  Within this level of coaching, the player will inevitably be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Why is this important for elite playing?  Whenever there is a breakdown, there is an opportunity for a breakthrough.  When the athlete experiences challenge in any or all of the three areas such as:

  • current way of thinking and processing information
  • physical limitations that are hiding
  • emotions and feelings for which we do not completely understand the root cause

These are most often ignored, dismissed, denied, and brushed under the rug.  Such experiences, conscious and unconscious create a player's character which can be both the ingredients to winning on the course and losing in relationships.  Eventually, in this example, the winner loses friends, family, and social support which ultimately results in lonliness, regardless of winning money.

sarasota elite golf coaching

sarasota elite golf coaching

Other character ingredients can be just the opposite which looks like the player who has a lot of friends but does not meet the true playing potential that is available.  The result here often shows to be concealed self-pitty, settling for something less than desired, and pretending to love life, eventually disappointed with wonder about what could have been done differently to live the dream buried at heart. 

These are two of many examples of characters that show both high and low traits.  Although people will logically say that they balance each other out, it's not rational and not as effective as possible.  One can have character traits develop so that more balance is experienced in work, play, family, finances, society relations, health, and spirit.

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