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You Are Unique And That Is How We Coach You–  Everyone is different in every way so we approach each student in a personalized manor.  Your swing is naturally yours and yours alone, similar to a signature or a thumb print.  No two golfer's swing, natural talent, learning speed,  thought pattern, physical strength or flexibility is identical.  Hence, everyone will have a different learning experience and some solutions for one client may be different than that of another.

Different Strokes For Different Folks- Some like to be challenged and some don't.  Some like to be held accountable, some don't.  Some want to be competitive, some don't.  Some want to be sociable, some don't.  Some are analytical, some are artistic.  Some want to feel it, some want to see it, some want to hear it, and some want to read it.  Depending on what makes you who you are will determine how we approach your learning experience and design your roadmap.

When We Are With You, We’re With You- We will never take a call-waiting while on the phone with you.   In the same respect, we DO NOT answer calls during lessons with you. You are the priority for us. We know the value of service and the personal touch so we focus on being available for your call. We aim to eliminate automated systems and answering services so that we can answer your calls in person.  Returning client emails is a must and is completed daily by 10am.

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