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Confidence - On Course Nuggets

If you’re not a beginner, you might use this lesson as a guide for how to help a friend that’s
getting into the game. If you are a beginner, the following nuggets will help you to start building
your confidence immediately.

Be open to learning and understanding the fundamentals- The fundamentals I am referring to
are those that deal with setting up before you even swing the club. They include the grip (how
you hold the club), stance (distance to the ball, ball positioning, knee bend, and spine tilt),
posture (erect spine), alignment (Shoulders, hips, knees, and feet parallel to each other), and
balance (weight distribution between the toes and heels). Gaining confidence in your ability to
set up properly will lend itself nicely to improved confidence for putting, chipping and pitching,
which should be developed first.

Topics Covered
Lesson 1 - Practicing Confidence: The Four P’s
Lesson 2 - Routine Confidence
Lesson 3 - Warm up With Confidence
Lesson 4 - On Course Confidence with Putting
Lesson 5 - On Course Confidence with Chipping
Lesson 6 - On Course Confidence with Pitching
Lesson 7 - On Course Confidence in the Bunker
Lesson 8 - On Course Confidence with the Irons

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