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Creative Visualization Studio Sessions- Train your brain with binaural beat and visual diode technology, that was originally developed for hospitals and patients dealing with stress related illness.  The technology once filled a room and now can be held in your hand.  Sessions are 30 minutes and are scientifically proven valuable for stimulating the neurotransmitters that reduce stress.  The subconscious mind is accessed quickly with this technology and is delivered through eight areas of golf's mental game skills.  Sessions have you leaving the studio feeling refreshed and ready to go, while your only job then is to go play golf and watch the subconscious mind take over your game!

Hypnosis- Create Your Mind Framing Video-  choose the weakest area in your game and assist in the development of your personalized movie that shows you excelling in that area that troubles you!  As you watch yourself repeatedly excelling while listening to the music in the background and subliminally seeing and hearing positive affirmative statements about this weakness, you'll soon be able to erase the negative images that you presently have.  Instead, on the course you can automatically pull up the images of your success, feel more confident, and get over the part of the game that has been holding you back the most.


On Course Counseling-  Understand how your personal and professional life are directly effecting each other.  All information shared is completely confidential.  Recognize your personality traits that have you make bad decisions on the golf course and in your personal life.  Learn why the same sort of people, situations, challenges, etc....show up in your game and your life over and over again. 

Control Your Heart- With various computer programs and biofeedback technology, we can train you how to impact your coherence, resilience and internal peak performance levels.  Did you know that the heart has a system of neurons that have both short and long-term memory, and their signals sent to the brain can affect our emotional experiences?

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