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We apologize that we are temporarily under construction.   André's Virtual Coaching System will be unveiled this fall.

Please submit your name and email address below and receive a complimentary 8 lesson golf-confidence nugget pdf.  

Lastly, below are some testimonials regarding André's Tools and Teachings.

With what I know and my experience with working with mind and body, André Panet-Raymond is right on track with moving people to higher levels of performance that they might not be aware is possible for them.

Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz J.D., Ph. D - Brain Performance Expert 


"It's helped me both in driving and putting and those are the two most critical parts of scoring well and winning championships.  André, thanks for the great product, it's the best psychological tool I've ever used."

Mike Bell- 2006 US Senior Amateur Champion


Under pressure, Mind Framing has helped me vision the ball go in the hole.  For example, if I have a putt, I think about the music and I vision the ball go in the hole.  Mind Framing has helped me hit my driver straighter and longer.  Any time I go on the tee, I think about the music and same thing, the vision comes in my mind and I hit a good drive.

Domenico Geminiani- Youngest player ever to compete in a European Tour event (14).  


Mind Framing has been a great tool for me to elevate my game.  André addressed my mental game and within five minutes, I felt confidence again.  André's techniques for understanding the mental game are second to none.  His teachings have had a monumental impact on my golf game and my life.  

Joey Lamielle- 2009 Nationwide Tour Player 2008 & 2011 US Open  


Mind Framing has done a lot for me.  Watching those videos really helped me to get motivated to play, go to the gym, work out, and I think just overall it makes me feel really good.   In the last 6 weeks I lost 15 pounds. Feeling great! 

Edward Halsell- Golf Professional





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