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Get access now to this 40-page ebook by André Panet-Raymond, PGA Master Professional and Mental Game Guru.

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What It Takes To Conquer The Monster Within...

In order to truly conquer the monster within, that ego part of every golfer that involuntarily gets upset, distracted, stressed, negative, doubtful, etc...needs to be dealt with in a skillful manner. The first step in the process is knowledge. Knowledge leads to understanding. Understanding leads to faith and confidence, which leads to being at ease and calm. Calmness and tranquility supports the power of focus and concentration to take you into  the zone. As you can see the domino effect here, it makes sense that although there are several steps to accomplish, it is an easy, step by step process. We have an informative process for “conquering the monster within” and it will require repetition. Any skill that is developed to the level of mastery, second nature, and a level of conscious competence, requires repetition. 


If time is not on your side and you want to learn the mental game over night, this is not the guide for you. However, the knowledge needed for overcoming those debilitating ‘monsters’, ‘demons’, ‘gremlins’, or ‘voices’ in your head is contained within this guide and will have an impact on your mental game on the golf course. Keep in mind that having an impact on your mental game and mastering it are quite different. Regardless, one step at a time is necessary for anything worth developing.

This guide is filled with information to increase your knowledge about the mental game. Reading the guide is the first step to gaining a well rounded understanding of the many aspects that make up the entire mental game. There is an abundant amount of information and is not designed to be a quick read. I recommend that you read through the guide once in full, and then choose a dimension that most resonates with you. Once you’ve chosen this area to conquer, take your time with it and apply it for a fair amount of time before jumping to the next dimension to conquer. As you reread the various dimensions of the mental game, the deeper your understanding will be rooted and your faith in the information and model will increase. As your faith increases, you will see the rewards of confidence in your thought process. You will also be more purposeful with the routine that you use, and you will experience reduced anxiety. Hence, your ability to concentrate will be much more available and your improved results will surface. Before too long, you will be experiencing “The Zone” much more often and for longer durations of time and monsters that get in the way will be tamed.


The Science Behind The Guide

For over two years, a research and development team consisting of two Doctors of Psychology and two PGA Master Golf Professionals labored to discover the make up of a golfer’s IQ for the game of golf. The research team started with over 700 questions related to golf.

After the 700 golf related questions were critically reviewed and revised by the team, the first written survey and assessment ended up with just over 400 questions. The 400 question survey was given to several hundred golfers of all abilities and of both genders. After lengthy statistical analysis, the finished survey was pared down to 156 key questions. The three main categories that were derived from the testing included Golf Knowledge, Golf Performance, and Golf Mental Game. Within these three key categories, 17 different dimensions were formed, of which 10 were mental.

With such high predictability, we knew that we had captured a highly accurate set of golf topics that reveal what makes a golfer good, better and best.

Hence, for the first time, the dimensions of the mental game of golf were defined and labelled in a much more thorough and expounding way. From this work, André Panet-Raymond’s Golf Mental Model was developed. With more research, it was discovered that three of these ten mental attributes of the golfer would be able to reveal the answers to 99% of the golfer’s mental game problems. The model brilliantly shows how the other seven mental game areas relate to, affect, and support these three key mental dimensions (confidence, focus, stress tolerance) which make up the core of the model.

Only $19.99 for the immediate download!





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