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Do You Qualify?

Typically, we work with motivated golfers who:

  • play or practice at least three times per month.
  • are serious about wanting to play with more consistency, develop skills and lower handicaps.
  • play on the weekend, weekly outings at a club or in a league.
  • play on a high school or college team.
  • compete professionally for a living. 

Most players come to us because they are not confident that the true problem has been identified.  Their habits often dictate that they DO NOT:

  • embrace the drills and corrections for that problem.
  • verify their understanding of the issue.
  • use a system to evaluate new progress. 
  • learn the new habit needed.

Problem Scenarios

You play a few times a month with friends.   You know you have the ability to shoot better scores but it seems like whenever your long game is good, your short game suffers.  What do you need to do to put it all together?

You're a member at a club and have taken lessons from a pro before.  You got better with the lessons but it didn't seem to last too long.  Sometimes it even felt like it got worse.  What's the key to making the good shots during a lesson stay longer, especially when you go to the course?

League play is your style of golf and you treasure the limited time you have for play.  But you get so frustrated because you know you can play better than you do.  You work and have limited  time so you don't practice much.  You'd love specific drills to do at home that would effectively translate to playing better on the course.

You're a high school player and want to play in college.  You know that the competition is stiff but you're a hard worker and feel like you have the talent to take it to the next level.  You seem to play much better during practice and know that it must be mental.  You know that you can excel with the right teacher/coach who understands you, your swing and you mental game.

College golf is great and you think about being a pro.  It worries you to think about playing professionally because the competition is so serious.  Part of you knows that you have the talent and with the right help and dedication, you could do it.  The other part of you hears everyone tell you the odds and that it's nearly an impossible goal to reach.  What should you do?

Professional golf can be brutal with the travel, hotels, missed cuts and small pay checks.  You know you can compete against the field and don't understand why you can't put it all together more often than you do.  You work hard but don't feel like it's paying off.  Your confidence in your ability changes and you want to know exactly what to do to have a breakthrough. 

The Ideal Client...Qualifications
We don't work with everyone.  We have standards.   We can only succeed with you when:

  • you are optimistic and can motivate yourself.
  • you take responsibility for your effort and your present level of success.
  • you can be open minded and also critical about information you receive.
  • you commit to a practice schedule that lines up with your desired goals.
  • you are willing to make changes with the way that you presently think.


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